Goodnight Vienna – Another Leica Challenge has come and gone

Sitting in the airport waiting for BA697 to take us home, it’s time to reflect on another Leica One Challenge. This is the twelfth, if I have worked it out correctly, and there are two of us who have attended every one. Long may that continue! It’s always good to catch up with the folk who come to these events, as we have made some good friends all over Europe through this. 

Yesterday, in the beautiful city of Vienna, the weather gods were kind to us and we had lovely sunshine just for one day.

Vienna is an interesting city with a long history. Very friendly, incredibly clean by UK standards, and a great place to wander about. I am not sure that there is anything particularly unique about it, apart from probably the Spanish Riding School, but it is a very pleasant place to spend the weekend. Not cheap though.

As always, the Challenge is more of a challenge than anticipated – I really should have learned by now – but let’s see what the SD card brings when we get home later. 38 of us made it to the dinner and there are 27 who have put their 10€ into the pot as the prize fund.  

I managed to find the doorway where Orson Welles first appears in The Third Man, but failed dismally to look very Orsonian or Wellesian when standing on the threshold. Oh well, will have to grow about 6 inches and put on about 3 stone, as well as find a long black coat and a homburg. Distinct lack of zithers too. 

So now it’s back home to driving to work and meetings and all the rest. Next year’s venue has been decided but I need to share with the Forum first. I will do that when I get home later. Going to be another interesting time, no doubt.

Onward and upwards.