“The Bungalow” and a sincere “Thank you”

Have been a bit busy over the last month, as most people are at this time of year. What with office Christmas dos, shopping (not much of that!), Christmas and New Year itself, it’s been the usual sort of December here.

What has been occupying my time, especially over the actual 10 days away from the office, is doing more work on the bungalow. I am slowly getting used to saying “the bungalow” and not “the house”, but it still doesn’t seem quite right. A bungalow is what old people live in. A bungalow has connotations of living by the sea, in one’s dotage. “Let’s buy a bungalow near the sea when we retire”. Let’s not.

As some previous posts here confirm, this bungalow is actually a pretty good property for where we are in our lives right now. We are not old, but we are getting there. When the work to it is complete (more of that later), it will have been dragged screaming and kicking in the 21C, having languished under the previous owner in the early 80’s. It’s surprising how much work actually needs to be done to achieve this. But, living in a one storey property is actually no different from living in an apartment or a flat, once you are through the front door. We just have the benefit of garden to three sides and, remarkably, the cows in the fielded next door for neighbours. I have to say that this is a pretty good spot and I am glad that I was persuaded to come and have a look.

So, this week, I have mostly been laying more new flooring. Having done two bedrooms a month or so ago, it was now the turn of the study and the inner hall. The latter was a complete pain, given that it has six doorways to contend with. However, once the study had been cleared, the task for both rooms was pretty much completed by 9pm that night. Skirting boards etc followed the next day as did redecoration of the study, before putting all the stuff back in… Just some making good of walls and architraves to complete now.


Usually the week between Christmas and New Year is a bit of a lost week, but having done this work, it’s good to look back and see that more has been achieved.

I have mentally set a target of completing the works to the bungie by Easter. That could be achievable, depending on the weather, and depending on whether the bathroom is included, but it would be good to have the living / dining room completed by then. A man is to be phoning us this week with a view to surveying the fireplace for a replacement and the French doors are pencilled in for installation over the next few weeks – definitely weather dependant!

Oh, mustn’t forget the garden…

I had intended to try to see the new Star Wars film at the cinema this week, as I understand from reliable sources that it is “a-maze-ing” :), but that will have to wait until later. Maybe we can go next weekend.

So, what does the New Year bring?

During the week, we went up to Keswick to buy some thermal underwear for our forthcoming trip to Norway, which is now only 9 weeks away. Although the winter here has been ridiculously mild – I have had to scrape frost from my windscreen only once so far this winter – that’s unlikely to be the same that far north. So, proper Norwegian merino wool long-johns and base layers are now waiting in the drawer. Very flattering! This reminds me, I must organise a hire car for a day whilst we are there, so that we can do a bit of exploring around the fjords. And I must get my sensor cleaned professionally before I go.

Other things to look forward to later in the year is a first visit to Orkney in June and the Leica trip to Lisbon in October, a weekend that may turn into a week, if something interesting can be organised.

As a round up for the year, once again, I am delighted to be here to thank everyone who has supported me through the year. Given that I am in remission now, and have been for a while, I am starting to feel a bit of a fraud, when it comes to “suffering” from this disease. As of now, indeed, as of July 2010, I haven’t really been suffering from this disease at all, but part of that wellness is down to the people around me, who love me and support me and pick me up when I’m feeling a bit down. I honestly don’t know what I would do without you.

Thank you.

Wishing everyone who reads this a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

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