1200+ photos later… Time to reflect on a terrific experience

It’s time to sit and wait for the first of our flights today. Another week’s holiday is over and it’s back to work next week. But, I do have to go to Blackpool on Monday afternoon, so it’s not all bad 🙂

On Wednesday, we did the Chasing the Lights tour. We were picked up at around 6pm and headed about an hour or so north of Tromsø, by coincidence to roughly the place we ended up with the hire car the day before. At first, things were not looking promising. The guide was no doubt deliberately talking down the possibility of seeing the lights – obviously nothing is guaranteed – but we headed off to a small cove, at the north end of an island. Grunnfjord, if you want to have a look on Google Maps.

After about 15 minutes, one of our party spotted a pale, green smudge in the north east. Slowly this grew until the lights revealed themselves in all their glory. For a couple of hours, there was an arch stretching across the sky, from horizon to horizon. The intensity grew, and faded. The curtains effect revealed itself really strongly, and the lights went in waves along the line of the arc. Even with the naked eye, some of us could see a pink tinge to the edge of the lights, beyond the strong and dominant green. Even if you are colourblind, the visual experience would be amazing.

We stayed out beyond midnight and, as we were thinking about packing up, as if in the finale of a concert, the aurora really showed us what it was made of. The whole sky, from edge to edge, in all directions was green. Patches were darker, some lighter. Whichever way you looked, there were moving streams through a paler green background.

It really was incredible. We stayed there for over 6 hours – a really fabulous experience. This really is a stunningly beautiful part of the world and is worthy of anyone’s time ( and deep, deep pockets ) to visit. I think that this time of year might be perfect, as the snow is still on the hills and skies are a beautiful blue.

So, now, as I sit here waiting, I have >1200 photographs to look forward to viewing and editing. I am hoping that pushing the camera to 2500 ISO hasn’t affected them too much. We will see, but I have never taken so many photographs on a week’s holiday before. Or any week, probably. Not all taken on Wednesday evening, some on the day when we had hired the car.

I will share some here later in the weekend to encourage you to make the effort to come here. You really should.