A washed out Goodwood and other fun and games

The Goodwood Revival is a really enjoyable event at this time of year. The old motor racing circuit is opened to entries from cars that are contemporaneous to the track’s opening years, from around 1948 to about 1966. So, you can see old F1 cars from the 50s racing (and properly racing) against each other once again. Many people who attend the event dress up in period costume and it really is a fun weekend. Unless it’s raining and you can’t afford the £500 ticket for the corporate bit.

It was a complete washout this year, so much so that we left after lunch. There were few photographs to be had, little racing to be seen due to the rain and lots of people getting upset at clashes of umbrellas. Having now been on five occasions, and with this being the first that was a disaster weather-wise (Friday and Sunday were lovely though…), I have to count myself lucky. We did get to visit Winchester for the first time on that afternoon, though, so that was a bonus. a really nice, livable, city.

The fun with Mercedes continues, I’m afraid. I completed their questionnaire from last week and within an hour or so had an email from their Customer Service Manager at head office, asking why I had only given them 3 out of 5 stars. I explained…

I also had a very nice letter from an assistant to the Chief Exec on Friday, telling me how pleased they were that a resolution to my problems has been found. That’s news to me. Nothing has been done and nothing has been resolved.

The car is now back at the dealer, for an indefinite stay. They have given me a courtesy car and I have explained that they are not having it back until the satnav, broken by them, is put back into full working order, whether this takes a day, a week or a six months. The courtesy car is actually better than mine, so I really don’t care how long they keep mine for, provided I can have it back in May so that I can terminate thew agreement.

This must, however, be costing them a fortune, so it does make me wonder whether they really have their priorities right.

Oh well.


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