Building the wall

Last weekend, I built a dry stone wall. Not single handedly, but with a group of others at the National Stone Centre, near Matlock in Derbyshire. 

I booked the weekend as a “gift” from my company for having been there 10 years and it was a really good experience. There were eight of us on the course, which was run by a lady who is a professional and champion waller, having done this for 25 years while running a farm at the same time. She was an excellent and patient teacher and everyone on the course thoroughly enjoyed themselves. 

Ages ranged from mid fifties down to nine and there were four women and four men (including the nine year old), none of whom had any experience of walling. 

We spent all day Saturday and Sunday on the wall and by the time we had finished, we had 6m of wall, about 1m high. This one will never win any awards, but for first timers, with the teacher’s help, I don’t think that we did too badly.

It was hard work but, surprisingly, I didn’t suffer too much for my efforts on returning home. I am looking forward to putting some of these new-found skills into action next spring when I get round to sorting out the patio area outside the kitchen.

Highly recommended.