And so this is Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone who reads this blog. Here’s to a happy and peaceful end of the year and a prosperous and safe 2017.

The blog has been going a long time now and I have picked up some loyal readers along the way, so many thanks as always for staying with me and reading the inane ramblings.

I am pleased to report that my biannual checkup with my consultant has been and gone and as has become routine, there is nothing to report. Which is excellent news. He did cancel an appointment on me as I was walking into the clinic though, which wasn’t very good news, but he had been delayed in the US by aircraft problems, and was still on the airport tarmac in Philadelphia when he should have been seeing me. I don’t mind that, though. I’d rather have a consultant important enough to present at conferences in the US, and be delayed over there, than one who wasn’t such an expert. So barring anything untoward, that’s that until mid June again.

I am also pleased to say that the end is in sight for my dalliance with Mercedes. I know when I can leave my contract with them for no penalty and it coincides with the delivery date of its replacement. I don’t need a car the size of the Merc, so I have decided to be sensible and have ordered a three door hatchback from BMW.

When I say “sensible”, that’s almost completely true, but not quite. Thinking that we are in the last-chance saloon for larger engined small cars, and having coveted a six cylinder petrol BMW since I was at school, I have decided to go for the 3-litre version. Next time, we will be all plug-in hybrid, so cars like this will no longer exist. I know that I don’t need a car with such power. I know that the fuel costs will be significantly more than the Mercedes, or the diesel BMWs I have had in the past, but I am really looking forward to it. I drove an example of last year’s version on the way back from Kent in October and it was just incredible. Also incredibly, despite the specification, including the options list being fairly well visited, it is around £130 per month cheaper to rent than the Merc – which will keep the shareholders of Shell and BP happy…

I promise that I will drive it very carefully.

It should arrive in plenty of time for us to take it to Islay in July. We are renting a house with some very good friends so we are looking forward to revisiting old haunts and showing them around.

Right – time to make the stuffing balls.

And here’s a nice picture for you.