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Amalfi coast

The weather looked a bit iffy, so decided to take the bus down to Amalfi and stop off at Positano on the way back. An hour and a half each way with a return fare of under a fiver and some of the most spectacular views anywhere, on the way. We had thought about hiring a car to do the trip, but having taken advice before hand, in think that the bus was definitely the better option.

The road is narrow at the best of times and less than single lane at the worst. Our bus met another in a small village and it was touch and go for a while – literally.

Amalfi is a pretty small city, with a beautiful duomo and a fabulous coffee/pastry shop next door. Frequented by bus loads of Chinese tourists who just seem to want to use the loo, rather than eat pastries, the coffee, canolli and lemon cake were the best we have had this trip. Mind you, at €20, they should be.

With the mixed weather today, we headed back via Positano, a nice seaside resort town. It’s out of season at the moment, so half of it is closed, but it’s easy to see how busy it might get in the summer. It’s a bit like Portmerion, but with real buildings and people.


The bus journey got me thinking about “living every day is if it’s your last”. Again. I was thinking that the use of the bus could be seen as a dry run for hiring a car and driving the road myself, but realised that I would probably never come back this way again. Life is not a rehearsal, so they say, and a little bit of me wishes that I’d been braver, found that Arbarth 500 for hire, and just driven down there myself. Yes, I’d have to have been careful on the corners in the villages. Yes, I will have seen much more of the scenery from the bus window as opposed to behind the wheel. But… Oh well, I will just have to drive it in that parallel universe, or that other life.

Back in Sorrento and the sun is out. It’s Mardi Gras today and part of the town is closed to traffic and there is some kind of kids’ festival today where they all dress up as devils, or cartoon and fairy tale characters in readiness for not being able to do so during Lent, presumably.

Rather than surmise, let’s go and find out…

Oh, and most of this fountain works…