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Road closed

Now, here’s a slightly random entry to this blog, unrelated to lymphoma or photography or anything else really.

The gas company have decided that a large, 12″ main at the top of the village needs to be replaced. This requires the road to be completely dug up so that the new pipe and other gear can be installed. This is likely to take at least a couple of weeks beyond today, judging by what I saw this afternoon.

This road is one of only two ways into the village from the main road that runs up the Wirral. All access currently has to be from the road that comes in from Neston and, in order to warn motorists that the other road is closed, warning signs have been placed at strategic junctions. From Neston, to Parkgate, there must be at least half a dozen “Road Closed Ahead” signs.

This afternoon, curiosity got the better of this cat and we went to see what the gas board were up to and whether the road would be reopened on Monday as they promised. They won’t.

But, what really surprised me was the number of motorists who clearly don’t look at the road signs or choose to ignore them. In the time it took us to walk up to the closure and back, we must have seen about a dozen cars go right to the barrier and have to turn round. These photos show the situation…

A set of signs, typical of those that are all along the road…


This is the closure itself…


And here is one of the motorists that chose to ignore all those warning signs… Just incredible…


Made me chuckle, anyway 🙂